Springs of Hope

"Their behavior, their appearance, was of broken birds."  Lisa Miara, founder of Springs of Hope Foundation, tells me about a group of kids recently released from ISIS captivity who have come to her foundation’s Hope Center in northern Iraq. It took six months of coming to the Hope Center before they asked Miara and her [...]

Radio Fresh: Building a Civil Society

We are the Syrian people. What we started as a revolution, Assad turned into a war. Assad persists on killing until this day, but we persist in our revolution until we realize our dream of a democratic Syria for all. (The Syrian Revolution) is changing human beings from the inside. Revolutions are ideas, and ideas [...]

Anthony Bourdain: Gorgeously Teetering in the Unknown

When Anthony Bourdain visits Salvador de Bahia, Brazil in his award-winning television show, Parts Unknown, everything we see of the city is worth admiring: the vibrant buildings and intricate architecture; drums echoing through the streets at night; the sexy women and men who, as Anthony describes, always look like they "just got fucked or are [...]