Nova Scotia road trip


This video was something of a practice run for future videos I hope to make, and it was my first time using a GoPro. Life is a ride and it is also an endless amateur hour.

I learned a handful of things on this trip:

  • I do not have a steady hand for camera work.
  • If your tires are 16 years old, perhaps you should replace them before a 12-hour drive (something I learned on my father’s behalf, not my own).
  • Maybe I should actually wear makeup at all times.
  • But also you know what, no.
  • Prescription motion sickness pills WILL literally save my life.
  • If you don’t regularly eat snack food at home, you won’t eat it on a trip.
  • Don’t tell Canadian border patrol you have mace (like I did), and just hide the mace at the bottom of a suitcase in case your car is randomly selected for a search (like mine was).
  • Iced coffee at Tim Horton’s is the dream I never expected.
  • Traveling through Nova Scotia is like traveling back in time 20 years.
  • There is no limit to the number of times I can emphatically say, that is so fucking QUAINT.


If you want to go to Nova Scotia (which you do), these are some things I did and the places I visited or stayed:

  • Campgrounds were: Old Shipyard Beach, Spencer’s Island; Whale Cove, Digby Neck.
  • Kayaking was the Three Sisters day tour with NovaShores.
  • Lunenburg (so many quaint shops and restaurants).
  • Peggy’s Cove (absolutely teeming with tourists, but worth the drive/visit).
  • Halifax (Airbnb was with Christopher and Severus who are delights).
  • Whale watch was with Ocean Explorations
  • Ferry from Yarmouth to Portland, ME was on “The CAT




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