The Artist Hour tells stories of adversity, perseverance, oppression, etc. through art. It is a combination of a few of my greatest loves: culture, travel, writing, international affairs, and of course, the arts.

Art connects us, whether it’s cross-culturally, transnationally, or within our own communities. It’s a reflection of the individual, but also of a society. Art tells us if women are celebrated or oppressed and what their dreams are. It tells us about religion and the role it plays in a society; if the government is corrupt or works for its people; what people are suffering from—war? Famine? A lack of rights? Art tells us what their hope looks, smells, sounds, and tastes like.

From the strings of a cello to street graffiti to mountain biking, everything the arts encompasses is critical for personal development, as well as the development of culture and society.

I believe the arts are powerful enough to ease hostilities, eradicate ignorance, and lead people to love what might have formerly been unfamiliar. They can promote and influence social change, heal what hurts or is broken, and forge a deep understanding of the world.